Sant’Agostino's Ceramics

Italgraniti from the Luxury Collection

LOWE’S triple pane windows

Italia faucets

Kuma sinks

Architectural LED lighting


The materials and finishes blend smoothly to create the ideal setting, but also add value and distinction to the building.  

  • Ceramics from Sant’ Agostino and Italgraniti from the Luxury Collection 
  • Schuco profiles 
  • LOWE’S triple pane windows with UV light protection. Roller blinds are added 
  • Italia faucets (with sensors) and sanitary ware 
  • Kuma sinks (with composite stone) 
  • Architectural LED lighting 


All incorporated systems are state-of-the-art, hand-picked to provide proper functionality of the building. 

  • The HVAC system is LG (generation 2018), based on air-to-air heat pumps, allowing space heating and cooling simultaneously (the so-called 4-pipe system).  
  • Ventilation system with fresh air intake and heat recovery, minimizing electricity consumption (measured separately on each floor) 
  • BMS system monitoring from Honeywell for: all equipment and conditional access system in the building, video surveillance, elevators, electricity and water, and fire prevention. The BMS system controls the entire HVAC system from one place. 
  • 3 KONE elevators with a capacity of 15 people in the west wing and another one with a capacity of 8 people in the east wing 
  • Electric vehicles charging stations: 16+ underground, TBA ground level 

LG HVAC System

Ventilation System

KONE elevators

Charging stations